We know that when your high quality Persian and Oriental area rugs become stained and/or need professional cleaning, trusting the service provider is your biggest worry; with over 30 years experience in Toronto and the GTA, when you give us your confidence, we carefully take your worries with your rug and return with a clean and stain resistant area rug, specially protected with FiberProtect Treatment ™ ; we take the worry away and give you the cleanest possible results with the safest and most effective methodology.

What is that Methodology?

A machine run process is designed around the concept that each rug is as dirty as the last… and this is rarely true. To be fair, these mechanized systems do clean rugs, however, we know that the only way to thoroughly clean and/or FiberProtect an area rug is ONE-AT-A-TIME, not through a conveyor belt and tub system that can create cross contamination and cannot effectively account for particular stains and which is the most common reason our customers trust Eco-Touch Rug Spa.

We pay very close attention to each area rug you trust us to clean and/or to protect, that way, you will always get the best possible results!

Rug Cleaning Company Toronto

Eco-Touch Rug Spa serves clients across North York, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, and the surrounding areas.

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