Our pet stain removal process eradicates the odour causing bacteria that pet stains leave behind. We GUARANTEE that our pet odour control treatment will remove embarrassing pet odours from your rugs, and that your rugs will be fresh, clean, and restored to a healthy state!

Pet stains problems

Acid bleaching is a condition wherein Urine deposits from pets on carpeting and upholstery quickly attack dyes and drop the colours. When urine exists the body it is sterile as nothing filters better than the kidneys. However it is very acidic. Uric acid, found in urine, releases free radicals of hydrogen which readily penetrate dye sites found in carpets and upholstery, weakening the chemical bonds binding the dyes to the fibers.

Once the dyes are weakened, they fade. This results in lighter spots and in some cases white spots. This condition can occur very quickly, sometimes within minutes. As the urine deposits age this situation is exacerbated. In a few instances the fibers themselves will begin to degrade, in very old stains.

Odours are an issue with pet stains. Over time, mould, fungus and bacteria from the air colonize pet stains. They love to feed on biological waste products. With time the odour issue grows and can become very pervasive. Cleaning will help but is often not enough at this stage. The moulds, funguses and bacteria need to be removed from the equation. This involves the disinfection of the affected area and then stain removal and may involve colour repair as the dyes will likely have been damaged, especially on wool and silk rugs.

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